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Should You Create Design Templates With Stencil Or Canva?

You might be thinking whether you should utilize Canva or Stencil to create design templates. Stencil, a cost-effective tool that allows you to search for and add royalty-free images to your designs without leaving the page on which you are working. Its drag and drop editor allows you to easily modify images without having to leave the page. The team options let you to work with other users on a single project, which is particularly useful for small business owners.

Canva has more features
While both Canva and Stencil allow users to design their own designs, you might discover that one tool has more options for customization than the other. While both tools come with a slew of design templates, Stencil is more flexible in regards to image size and attribution. Because of this, stencil may be better suited for influencers on social media and other users who have to publish multiple designs simultaneously.

Stencil offers an extension to your browser that makes it easy to include quotes in your designs. Like Canva, Stencil also allows you to save quotes from other websites so you don’t have its website each time you want to change a quote. This is a major advantage for anyone looking to design a template quickly, but Stencil is generally more efficient.

Stencil offers royalty free images.
Stencil, like Canva offers millions of stock photos and a drag-and-drop photo editing tool. Both are cloud-based and both offer editing features that you can drag and drop. Both Stencil and Canva offer millions of royalty-free images. If you’re designing an identity, brochure or marketing collateral, Stencil offers the right tools to create an effective design.

While there is a cost-free version of the site but premium users are able to benefit from its royalty-free image library. It offers two subscription plans: the Pro plan and the Unlimited plan. The Unlimited plan is priced at $12/month, and the Pro plan starts at $9/month. Stencil is easy to use and provides various royalty-free images for design templates. You can also set up a free account. However, you will not be able to access all elements.

It includes a drag-and drop editor
Drag-and-Drop editor allows you to create a design template with just few clicks. It also has support for content properties. You can choose the auto width option to alter your image dimensions or manually. You can also add an image snippet and modify its width. Drag-and-Drop editor is easy to use, however it comes with some limitations. It does not allow for custom HTML and CSS. You should employ a WYSIWYG editor or a Side-by-S editor if you need to create complex HTML and CSS styles.

In contrast to other website builders, Elementor is easy to use and comes with a variety of tools to personalize your site. There are hundreds of templates to pick from and a drag-and drop editor to customize the look of them. The drag-and-drop editor lets you to modify the look of your website by dragging and dropping elements onto the page. It also lets you switch themes anytime you want. With a paid subscription you can select from more than 30 templates as well as 300+ design options.

It provides team options for teams.
Stencil is a powerful collection of more than 200,000 icons that you can modify to make your templates stand out. You can also change the backgrounds, fonts, or design elements within the application. Stencil provides more than 2 000 icons in color and over 3000 fonts. You can save your favourite icons in the favorites folder. The program can create logos, website headers or infographic, and many other design elements.

The subscription is limited to one user. However, it is able to be shared with other members of your team, if you’d like. After login, users can alter the appearance of the stencil and move it around. The stencils can also be duplicated and styled, resulting in a mosaic-like design. When editing a design template, you’ll need to identify specific objects by hovering over them. This feature minimizes the risk of missing clicks.

It is a month-long subscription plan.
This tool allows users create custom designs with royalty-free images, icons and image filters. The editor lets users edit images, preview designs, and share the designs with others. Namecheap is the only company that provides Stencil. There are two plans for professional users. These plans are less than 10 dollars per month, and are a great option for teams with limited graphic design resources. While some may think that this service is too expensive but it’s a great service.

There are some disadvantages to using stencil. Its capabilities are limited particularly for novices. It doesn’t have a large stock image library and has an arduous learning curve. It’s worth it if you are an entrepreneur with a small budget. Take a look at the monthly subscription plans if you aren’t sure if you’d like to design templates for your business’s website.